abc,123  /  2009, installation

I organize imagery to explore a form of order, which is created through a process of classification and compartmentalization. This process of sorting and classifying is how we make sense of our environments, beginning with recognizing patterns of black and white mobiles in the crib, acquiring language, and assigning attributes to blocks on the kindergarten floor. As adults, we create order to meet personal and societal needs, be it for greed or social equity. The order we create and categories we develop can be destructive or productive in our personal lives, communities, and world. I invite the viewer, when looking at imagery, to remain aware of the formation of patterns, categories, and to reflect on their origins. My hope is that they bring a sense of tranquil play and completeness amidst the raw imperfections of each piece, encouraging fluency between authored, culturally constructed binaries. My hope is that the viewer will interrogate the “opposites,” and see the continuum binaries present.